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The Visualiser represents our streamlined application version, offering valuable insights into your sales territories through your customized maps:

  • Customer mapping with advanced filtering and colorization options.

  • Zip code mapping with refined filtering and color coding features.

  • Seamless import functionality for both customer data and zip codes.

  • Effortlessly distribute your data across your organization for enhanced collaboration and decision-making.


Introducing ESSENTIALS, your go-to solution for effortless calendar optimization, featuring a seamless
ONE-CLICK planning feature. It stands out as the best tool for maximizing your field force efficiency, offering maximum flexibility for optimal scheduling. 


  • All functionalities of the Visualizer

  • Area optimization capabilities (optional)

  • Route optimization tools

  • Enhanced customer engagement features.

  • Mobile execution


The professional version gives you full flexibility in field force optimization, empowering you to seize every opportunity quickly throughout your day! From area optimization to comprehensive route planning, it offers a suite of robust features tailored to enhance your productivity:

  • All the capabilities of Visualizer and Essentials.

  • Advanced area and route optimization functionalities

  • Efficient survey management

  • Integrated multi-channel planning

  • Mobile execution for on-the-go efficiency.


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