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Discover The Features That Boost Sales Productivity 

Reduce windshield time by planning and routing each day, while automatically tracking your mileage along with the way. Check out the features you will find in VISIPAL to make your sales more productive and boost their performance!

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Customer management

VISIPAL provides you the option to manage your customer with all the information you need to create your professional plans!

Visual Filter

Do you want to visualize only your priority
customers or the ones who are due? VISIPAL shows you where they are!

Design customization

Is CI/CD that important to you? VISIPAL offers you the feature to easily customize the application the way you need it!

WEB-API transfer

Do you want to connect your existing CRM / ERP solution? No problem, VISPAL offers that interface for any instance.

Multi-User management

Does your company structure consist of a sales manager, regional manager, or sales reps? Visipal can handle it!


Map your customer, leads, and postcodes with VISIPAL and start to visualize your sales potential.

Heat map

Do you want to see the density of your region with customers, priorities, and revenue KPIs? VISIPAL offers a heat map!

Custom fields

Add all the fields you need in VISIPAL to select the best customers for your plan,
and identify your sales potential!

Zapier transfer

Do you use Zapier and want to
create your own Zaps to transfer your data bidirectionally? No problem with VISIPAL!

Calendar management

Do you want to manage your calendar with ease? VISIPAL offers a calendar with an Outlook appearance for easy transition!

Customer colorization

Let VISIPAL visualize, colorize and
symbolize your customer
base and boost your sales.

Zip code colorization

VISIPAL provides you with an easy solution to visualize your potential on zip code level. Summarize your data!

CSV import

You don't have a CRM / ERP system to import your data? You can import a simple CSV file into VISIPAL with ease!

MS Power Automate transfer

Do you use MS Power Automate and want to create your own tasks to transfer your data? No problem with VISIPAL!

Contact management

Manage customer contacts so it is easier to get in touch with the right contact using your mobile device on your daily route!


Check-in / Check-out

Do you want to know when you were on-site with a customer? All you need is your mobile device and VISIPAL!

Meeting optimization

Do you need to know what the best sequence of your daily, weekly, or monthly route is? VISIPAL has it!

Overdue customer plan

Do you need a reminder which customers are overdue, due in a week, in 2 or 4? Visipal provides that data!

Multi-week planning

Do you have recurring visits or frequencies of customer and promotions? Visipal can plan them!

Territory optimization

Do you need to manage your sales regions and find out what the best balanced workload or revenue is? VISIPAL helps!


Do you need to know how to get to
your customers as quickly as possible and without any traffic? VISIPAL helps!

Next best customer

A customer cancels a meeting, and you need to know where the next best customer is? You need the VISIPAL app!

Overnight routes

Do you have a larger sales region and need to manage your overnights?
Visipal plans the best routes!

Meeting / customer survey

Do you need a visit report or a customer survey in order to engage the customer more? VISIPAL manages it for you!


Do you want to send out a notice to your customer for a meeting and want to avoid cold call meetings? VISIPAL is there!

Lead Search

Do you want to enrich your data with leads? Use VISIPAL to search for any potentials and include them in your plan!

Permission Management

Do you have a certain structure in your company and need defined permissions? VISIPAL can set it up!

Exchange server connect

Do you want to connect to your MS Exchange or Office 365 account to see your meetings in Outlook? Go for it!

Optimization API

You don't need the actual interface from VISIPAL but you want to integrate the planning API in your app? You can do it!

Multi Channel planning

Do you want to contact your customers in multiple channels? You can set up as many as you like in VISIPAL!


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