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More value with your data and Visipal Integration! 

Grow your sales revenue by 27% with transparency!

 Visipal has a bi-directional, real-time integration with the most common systems

Connect Visipal with your central system!  

Transform your current CRM into a mobile route optimization solution

to keep all of your data in sync on the go.

- Complete Data

Increase CRM adoption by providing sales reps with a mobile app designed
to help them in the field and auto-capture the data you’ve been missing –
creating a complete picture of your customer lifecycle.

- Custom Fields

Decide which data points are most important and map them
directly to your system of record, creating a seamless flow of
information from the field to the office.

- Field Friendly

Streamline daily tasks in the field. Your entire outside sales team can prospect, manage
in-person meetings, and correspond with customers as they move with VISIPAL.


So your reps can stay focused on what they should do: selling!


Featured Integrations

... and way more integrations with Zapier and Power Automate.
And if you have no CRM / ERP a normal CSV / Excel file will do the transfer, too.


Request a demo
Request a specialist to show you how you use VISIPAL!

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